Please consult the Ultimate Boot CD homepage for details how to customize the Ultimate Boot CD.


Here you'll find only information about the files you need to copy and the changes you require to do in order to integrate Knoppix, not how to unpack and rebuild the Ultimate Boot CD image.


Before you start:
Integrating the original Knoppix CD into UBCD will result in a 800MB CD. You either burn it on a 90minute CD or use a modified Knoppix CD; look for one here.

NOTE: Knoppix 3.4 doesn't have the boot.img image-file anymore, so please read this guide instead.


Ok, here we go...


There are two files on the Knoppix CD (or CD image) that are of interest for us:

  • /KNOPPIX/boot.img - the bootable floppy-disk image 
  • /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX - the real Knoppix disk-image

In order to add Knoppix to Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) you'll have to do the following:

  1. copy the /KNOPPIX/boot.img file (from Knoppix CD) as /images/knoppix.img in your UBCD root
  2. edit the /boot/cdshell.ini to add a reference to your newly-added floppy-disk image
  3. using "diskemu"

        example line:
         if ($lastKey == key[k]); then diskemu /images/knoppix.img

        If you need more information, please refer to the CDShell documentation.

  4. make a directory in your UBCD root called /KNOPPIX
  5. copy the file /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX from the Knoppix CD to your newly created directory, so it will resemble the path on the Knoppix CD
  6. you're done, go make the UBCD image and burn it.

You can integrate almost any modified/remastered Knoppix this way.



  • The file and directory names are CASE SENSITIVE ! Pay attention to this if you work under Windows, who doesn't care about case.
  • The "/" is Unix directory separator, for Windows use "\" instead of "/" in path names.
  • UBCD root refers to where you unpacked the original UBCD disk (example: c:\ubcd ).
  • If you find this guide ambiguous feel free to email me.