Some Linux-based bootable CDs rely on ISOLinux or SYSLinux in order to handle the boot process.

This guide will show you how to build a bootable floppy that will use SYSLinux for/from your CD:

  1. What is the CD using? ISOLinux or SYSLinux?
    ISOLinux: Look on CD for a file called isolinux.cfg, found usually in a directory called either boot or isolinux
    SYSLinux: Look on CD for a file called syslinux.cfg, found usually in a directory called either boot or syslinux
  2. The configuration file:
    From the directory you identified we need the isolinux.cfg or syslinux.cfg file renamed as syslinux.cfg.
    Copy it somewhere and eventually rename it.
  3. The rest of the files (kernel, the small ramdisk, etc):
    We also need all the files in that directory except (if exist): ldlinux.sys, isolinux.bin,, boot.catalog
    Copy them where you copied the .cfg file.
  4. Now count how much space do those file take, and download the proper empty bootable-floppy image:
    1.44M image or 2.88M image (it's a zip archive).
    If your files don't fit on a 2.88MB floppy, you're out of luck; I have no solution for that yet.
  5. Unzip your floppy-image
    Windows: if you use Windows XP you'll be able to open from explorer, otherwise use winrar
    Linux: unzip <>
  6. Insert all the files in the image you now have, _without_ removing the existing file:
    Windows: Use winImage for example
    1. mkdir floppy_dir
    2. mount -o loop -t vfat floppy144.img floppy_dir
    3. copy your files in floppy_dir
    4. umount floppy_dir
  7. You're done.

Now that you have a bootable floppy for this CD it is possible to integrate it into another bootable CD.


I also have guide to integrate any CD into Ultimate Boot CD, here.



  • The file and directory names might be CASE SENSITIVE ! Pay attention to this if you work under Windows, who doesn't care about case.
  • If you find this guide ambiguous or wrong feel free to email me.