astuce and triche clash of clans

Clash of Clans is an addictive Supercell creation centered on forging clans, raising armies, protecting forts and fending off other armies of raiders. In short, everything every gamer considers interesting. As the head of a clan, you have to build your community and train your troops then marshal your troops to raid other armies and in return, earn gold as well as elixir. You can then use these to put even stronger defenses around your army and train them some more so they can dispel attacks from other players. You can also take the easy way out and use Clash of Clans cheats to get your hands into unlimited coins, gems and elixir.maxresdefault

online clash of clans astuce guide

While Clash of Clams is a freemium, you need additional in-game currency in the initial stages, especially gold, to put up defensive buildings, gold mines and storages as well as upgrading town halls. These infrastructures are important as they determine the successes of your bounty hunts. For instance, you need to have elixir collectors and storages before you can earn. Building and gems are important components of Clash of Clans. Aside from storing in-game wealth, possessing certain kinds of building help you ascend the ranks. Having upgraded town halls for instance, earns you a free pass into more building and even higher levels.

More gold, gems and elixir

Gold, elixir and dark elixir are important in-game currency. They however are almost not sufficient especially in the advanced stages of the game. In the said stages, you need gems, which you can earn by clearing certain tasks or milestones and attaining certain achievements. Clearing obstacles like mushrooms and trees from your base for instance, can earn you varying number of gems. You can also get them via in-app purchase using real cash or by simply using cheats. Gems are essential in boosting heroes, buildings barracks and spell factories. Boosting buildings implies that you hasten their construction process.hqdefault

The highlight of the Clash of Clans is the clan wars where clan leaders initiate wars against other clans and receive stars based on the amount of suffering they beget their enemies. Because each player gets only two attacks, you need to marshal a big army. While other clans can help by donating troops and giving timely advice, your troops need to be great shape. This bit of the game as such, needs a lot of elixir to conduct laboratory research to upgrade existing troops, train new personnel and load or reload x-bows. astuce pour clash of clans android can meet your shortfall of elixir especially when you drain your reservoir.

The Sims Freeplay hack and cheats for you

Sims freeplay is a high quality immersive game,from the game developers of the three series.This sim game comes with an experience that one can play with the tablet or a phone and one can really make fun with friend with this sims freeplay game.

Everyone playing the sims freeplay love the game but it also comes with some frequent challenges which include the long time taken by the player to get the social and lifestyle points.This is why the sims freeplay hack was developed to allow speed up of things in the game,with this hack the player can easily add unlimited lifestyle points to the account faster.

The sims freeplay cheats was developed by and it is designed to connect to the freeplay game servers and change the game codes so that one can add any item he/she needs.Inclusion in the sim freeplay hack is the anti-ban protection plugin which will protect the user in the issues of detection,protection and security effects.

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This sims freeplay hack comes with the simplest user interface and the youngest user can comfortably use the hack without any problem.

How to download sims freeplay hack and cheats

The game hack can be very simple to download following the link provided within the page,then save the downloaded file to your device and run it.With the android or IOS device connect and detect it,then enter the item values to generate it.Finally select the additional options and start the hack.

For the android users there are some tips one must know before downloading the sim freeplay hack. save.
-First go to the city population then increase the population.
-Have the sim plant after something that can change the date or the year.
-Then go back to sim and have your money back.

#2.Party boat unlimited gift.
This involves the unlimited gifts to be collected into the party boat.

#3.Time cheat.
This tip involves the turning off of the time auto network and advancing the time by around four hours.

For the IOS users there are also some tips and cheats which should be noted before downloading.

#1.Make your sim sick.
This is the shaking of the device to make it sick.

#2.Easy money and Xp.
This is achieving the four preeteens at the sport.

#3.Gain 10 LP instantly and finish the job early.
This include all the procedure followed to get 10 LP.